Hormel Chili: BroTorch Cooking


T H E   C A S E 

Hormel Chili's Chili Nation is all about the gatherings and the camaraderie that come along with it. There's something about coming together around food that appeals to many people. However, Hormel Chili wanted a new way to reach a younger, male audience. 

T H E  S T R A T E G Y 

We noticed a trend on the internet: blowtorch cooking. There are hundred of videos on the internet with people using blowtorches to cook their food in a new and innovative way. A little fire is cool, but we thought: Chili Nation can do that bigger and better. Thus, the creation of BroTorch Cooking. We took a cool trend, and made it even hotter.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

We created three spots each using three fire cooking contraptions to highlight three of Hormel Chili's most loved recipes and our bro's, Chris P, and Ethan. We wanted everything to look homemade, like the bro's went in their garage and created these contraptions in order to authentically appeal to our younger, male audience. In addition to the digital spots, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy to accompany the spots that included cinemagraphs, how-to recipe GIFs, and the use of Facebook's new 360 degree technology.


Engagements increased 300% MoM
Facebook page likes increased 86% MoM
Generated over 4 million impressions within one month
Gained 3,500+ new followers within our targeted audience

CD: Tim Brunelle
ACD/Copywriter: Dave Alm
Art Director: Diana Albrecht
Production: Committee Films