Love Your Dog

t h e   c a s e 

During the summer months, Hormel® Chili aims to drive attention to the alternative chili option, chili dogs. However, there’s a stigma against chili dogs: they’re messy, a little ugly, and come with a whole lot of shame.

t h e  s t r a t e g y 

We noticed an affinity people have for their dogs, and will go at lengths to care and love for their pooch, so we wondered why can’t they also share in that love with their chili dog? We aimed to create a digital campaign to entice our audience to indulge in their love for Hormel® Chili. All love, no embarrassment.

t h e  s o l u t i o n

We created two humorous digital spots that begs citizens of Chili Nation to smother their dog with love, the love of delicious Hormel® Chili. In tandem with the digital spots, we launched a twitter campaign with meme worthy moments from the spots.

CD: tim brunelle
ACD/writer: dave alm
AD: diana albrecht
production: 3volts