Black Label Bacon

 t h e   c a s e 

People think microwave bacon is nasty. Fair. But Black Label found a way to take real, raw bacon and crisp it to perfection. In the microwave. In 2.5 minutes. You CAN have it all! Our tasks were 1) raise awareness of the product and 2) change the perception that microwave bacon is gross.

t h e  s t r a t e g y 

We wanted to create a witty, and weird campaign to show just how easy it is to make greasy, delicious bacon in your microwave. Meet Chef Mike. Mike Rowave. He lives in your kitchen. And he makes a MEAN plate of bacon. All you have to do is press 2:30 on that glorious meat making contraption, and watch the bacon sizzle. SSSZZZZZZZ.

t h e  s o l u t i o n

In true Black Label fashion, we created a digital spot to demystify microwave bacon. In addition to the spot, we created some fun gifs and easy recipe content to support across social channels. Take a look, then go let Chef Mike prepare you some real nice bacon. We even did a Facebook Live where we cooked the package in its entirety to show how easy and real it is.

CD: david mackereth
AD: diana albrecht
copywriter: elizabeth burns
production: white & rice